It's time to come clean about coins...

It's time to come clean, or dare I say "Coin Clean".
YES, cleaning your coins is NOT a crime, but it is something that should be considered carefully before you have it done.

For the record, cleaning coins takes a lot of time and patience, but even more importantly it can be very costly, and the results cannot be guaranteed. Why? Because none of us can know the complete life history of a coin, we cannot easily determine the environments it has been exposed to (ie weather, chemicals, intentional change). And therefor we cannot accurately predict the results of cleaning the coin.

We are a Professional Coin Cleaning Company 

Coin collecting is a wonderful and fun experience that everyone should be able to enjoy. Here is how PCCS got its start. One day after sorting through an old bank bag of U.S. Wheatback Pennies, the tips of my fingers were very filthy: with a range of colors from green to black, YUCK! Whatever it was on those coins, was now all over my fingertips.  That certainly is not patina, and I soon realized it was decades worth of oil from people's fingers, along with dirt and dust from hands and pockets (or just about anywhere a coin might be found). Something had to be done, so I began researching every technique available for cleaning coins, but always keeping in mind that I did not want to damage the coin but just make it look clean and desirable.

Copper-based Coins

Copper coins tend to get filthy very easily. This in-turn makes cleaning an important task. But they also corrode very easily damaging the coin.

Nickel-based Coins

Nickel alloy coins tend to resist filth and corrosion better than copper. However, with enough time and exposure in circulation.....

Old / Rare Coins

Old coins can be a real challenge. You must consider the age of the coin and its currently perceived value on the open market.

Our Projects

What good would we be if we didn't show you the results of our cleaning experiences...check out these real projects in-progress at PCCS.

Coin Cleaning for Everyone

Regardless of the opinions of others, an owner must decide for themselves if they would be happier with the coin as-is or with a properly cleaned coin.

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